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Personalized Dry Eye Care

Dry eye can cause discomfort, put a dent in your productivity, and if left untreated, it could cause damage to your cornea

At Sokol Advanced EyeCare, we are here to help manage your dry eyes and provide treatment to combat your discomfort. Alongside our comprehensive in-office treatments, we also offer a wide array of soothing products through Dry Eye Rescue—an extensive source of doctor-recommended dry eye products you can order online.

Continue reading to learn more about our approach to dry eye care, or book an appointment today to see how the team at Sokol Advanced EyeCare can help you manage your dry eye symptoms.

Exploring Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eye syndrome occurs when your eyes do not produce enough tears to stay hydrated or something is wrong with the tear production process. This lack of tear production and hydration can lead to eye inflammation and ultimately damage your cornea.

Common signs and symptoms of dry eye syndrome may include:

  • Blurry vision
  • Watery eyes
  • Light sensitivity
  • A stinging, scratching, or burning feeling

Meibomian gland dysfunction can occur when the glands that produce an oily layer of your tears become inflamed and clogged.

Dry Eye Diagnosis

Your environment and other risk factors can increase the chances of dry eye syndrome developing. Some risk factors for dry eyes can include:

  • Exposure to the wind or dry air
  • Aging
  • Long-term contact lens wear
  • Staring at a digital screen for an extended amount of time 

Dry eye syndrome can be caused by a number of different factors. At Sokol Advanced EyeCare, we use various methods to diagnose and treat dry eye syndrome.

Tear Film Analysis

Tear film instability plays a big part in dry eye syndrome. Rapid evaporation of tears and tear film breakup can lead to a flaring up of dry eyes.

Tear film analysis is a diagnostic test we use to evaluate tear film stability to help our team prepare your personalized treatment plan.

Meibography is a specialized imaging test that visualizes the meibomian glands, allowing our team to evaluate their structure and determine the cause of your dry eyes.

Meibomian gland dysfunction is a common cause of dry eye syndrome, and meibography allows our team to diagnose and evaluate meibomian gland dysfunction.

Dry Eye Relief with ZEST Treatments

When you’re struggling with chronic dry eye or irritating blepharitis, Zocular Eyelid System Treatment (ZEST) can help.

ZEST is a gentle, in-office treatment that effectively cleanses your eyelids and lashes. This thorough cleaning removes debris, bacteria, and biofilm buildup that contribute to inflammation, dryness, and irritation associated with blepharitis and dry eye.

Some benefits of ZEST treatments include:

  • Long-lasting relief: ZEST addresses the root cause of dry eye and blepharitis, offering significant relief from symptoms like dryness, irritation, and stinging.
  • Quick and effective: The ZEST treatment takes about 10 minutes to complete.
  • Improved tear quality: By removing blockages in your meibomian glands, ZEST helps restore natural tear production, leading to improved overall eye comfort.

If you’re struggling with dry eye or blepharitis, Sokol Advanced EyeCare can help!

epi-c IPL & LLLT Treatments

epi-c IPL and LLLT treatments offer a comprehensive solution for dry eyes with combined intense pulsed light (IPL) and low-level light therapy (LLLT) treatments, giving our team more ways to address your symptoms. 

This treatment can target the underlying causes of dry eyes, such as inflammation and meibomian gland dysfunction, to provide lasting symptom relief. 

epi-c IPL and LLLT can:

  • Reduce inflammation: This combined treatment can decrease inflammation and associated discomfort from dry eye symptoms.
  • Stimulate gland function: This treatment encourages healthy meibomian gland performance while helping maintain your tear film stability.
  • Little downtime: The procedure is gentle, noninvasive, and requires virtually no recovery time.

Let our team support your quality of life through a blend of technology-driven care and personalized treatment plans.

Dry Eye Management at Sokol Advanced EyeCare

We know dry eyes can put a stop to your productivity and cause discomfort. At Sokol Advanced EyeCare, we are committed to finding solutions to your dry eye symptoms. 

Contact us to schedule an appointment and address your dry eye concerns today!

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